Years as a bus driver:

7 years

Previous work:

Sales and Marketing in the Mining Industry

Why did you choose a career as a bus driver?

I used to be in sales and marketing in the mining industry, selling ceramic lagging. In my job I would fly and drive long distances to wherever the mines were, so I was comfortable out on the open road, and I always enjoyed this aspect of my work.

In 2014, the mining industry had a downturn and many companies closed and I was left without work. A friend of mine worked at the bus depot and she suggested that I apply for a bus driver’s job because I was good with customers. I’d always travelled the open road and I liked driving. Seven years on and I’m still here because I love working as a bus driver!

What do you love most about being a bus driver?

I enjoy the connections I make with my passengers and the general public. You get to know them because, for many of them, you are the first person they see in the morning or the last person they see at night. Often, I’m the one to start and end their day. If I can make their day end well, I’m happy.

The social connection is important. If you can make someone’s day just by taking them home on a nice easy drive where they can reflect and relax, I’m happy. When they make their way to the front of the bus and say thank you so sincerely for a good journey, it means a lot to me. go home relaxed and happy, I’m happier.

I like to be in role where I get to make decisions about my passengers’ wellbeing and safety. Everything I do during my schedule is about keeping them safe and sound, comfortable and enjoying their travel to wherever they are going.

I rarely have a bad day. It’s been seven years now and I have occasionally had the odd difficult passenger or event, but not many at all. That’s why I’ve been here seven years and not planning to go anywhere else.

How do you maintain your work-life balance?

I prefer night time work because it suits my life style and my family commitments. My daughter lives with me with her two children and every morning I help to get them ready and off to school on time. My husband is an interstate truck driver and often comes home in the morning. My flexible shift work means I am also here for him when he comes home.

I am able to maintain my family responsibilities, and everyone is happier for it.

How has your work helped you to improve the quality of your life?

Ever since I became a bus driver, I have developed more confidence in myself. Riding home or to work should be a stress free experience, relaxing and allowing people to arrive at their destination with minimal fuss, that’s the point of taking a bus.

Sometimes you get difficult passengers or challenging events. For example, I recently had a group of young people being very rowdy at the back of the bus, affecting the journey for everyone. I asked these young people to quieten down and consider others on the bus. Some also started vaping, and I asked them to leave the bus immediately which they did.

The comfort of all passengers is my responsibility, and so I make sure that everyone’s needs are looked after where I can. I manage the people who disturb the journey for everyone and make sure the bus trip is as peaceful as possible for all.

How does your work help you to help your community?

I once had a gentleman who had a heart attack on the bus and I assisted him while the other passengers called the ambulance. He was taken off to hospital, and was OK, I went to the depot and picked up his belongings and returned them to him when he came out of hospital. In this work you’re with people all the time so you never know what might happen and what help you may need to provide. He gave me a bunch of beautiful flowers to show his gratitude. That makes my job that little extra special.

Ever since I became a bus driver, I have developed more confidence in myself.

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