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Keoride On Demand

On Demand public transport

Keolis Downer Northern Beaches On Demand service, Keoride, makes going to places without a car convenient, safe and reliable.

Our On Demand service is designed to connect you to designated transport hubs, B-Line and other key bus stops, and popular destinations like shopping centres or hospitals within your service area.

Just book your ride using the mobile app and one of our Keoride vehicles will pick you up from a nearby pick-up point take you to one of the nominated Keoride hubs for the cost of a public transport fare.

The service is built to complement the popular B-Line and other routes ‘turn-up-and-go’ frequency and provide better public transport connections for customers. Keoride is also fully accessible with vehicles equipped with kerb-side technology and ramps to transport wheelchairs and prams easily.

Our On Demand service currently operates from Narrabeen out to Ingleside and north up to Palm Beach. See the service area page to check where Keoride operates near you.

Download the network map

The service operates 7 days a week:

Monday to Wednesday6am – 10pm
Thursday and Friday6am – 11.30pm
Saturday7am – 11.30pm
Sunday7am – 9pm
Public Holidays7am – 9pm


Keoride Poncho Bus

Transport on demand. Ready when you are.

Keoride is our On Demand service in the Northern Beaches, providing customers with first and last mile connections.

Connecting you to designated transport hubs, and other popular destinations like shopping centres or hospitals within your service area, Keoride can be booked remotely and arrives when you’re ready to go.

Partnering with Via, who developed Keoride’s fully integrated transport platform, the Keoride mobile application matches passengers who are travelling in the same direction and calculates an optimised flexible route to pick up and drop off customers. You can even track the vehicle and get real-time updates on estimated arrival times.

This form of public transport is often called ‘first and last mile connection’ because it is designed to get you to and from a transport hub in the easiest possible way with minimal wait times, using dedicated vehicles aimed at moving small groups of people per journey and quickly. Another benefit is that you do not need to find parking or deal with long walks at either end of your journey.

How it works

Travel within your service area by booking a Keoride to pick you up from either:

Near your home

A designated point of interest within the service area

A bus stop

Keoride will then connect you to your nearby B-Line stop or hub.

Vehicle accessibility

Our Keoride Sprinter vehicles service individuals and small groups to and from their destination, while our blue Keoride mini-bus vehicles seat 18 customers for a comfortable ride.

The blue Keoride mini-bus vehicles are also fitted with kerb-kneeling technology and wheelchair ramp, providing level entry for all passengers with dedicated wheelchair and pram space inside the vehicle making the service fully accessible.

Keoride Poncho Interior

About us

Keoride is considered an integrated transport mode as part of the public transport network servicing the Northern Beaches. Used in conjunction with the public bus services that operate in the area, Keoride acts as the first and last mile connection to your destination.

Keoride is a collaboration of leading transport organisations that have come together to deliver On Demand for the Northern Beaches. Operated by one of Australia’s leading transport operators, Keolis Downer, and working with both Via (technology provider) and Transport for NSW, Keoride is an innovative public transport solution changing the way we travel.

We are proud to have the opportunity to co-create and deliver this transport solution for communities in the Northern Beaches and on behalf of Transport for NSW.

Services areas

Our Keoride map identifies the service areas and Keoride hubs.

Download the network map

Keoride aims to get you to a key hub as quickly as possible and is designed to complement B-Line and other routes ‘turn-up-and-go’ frequency – reducing the travelling public’s reliance on personal cars as a mode of transport and getting you into the CBD or within the beaches in a more efficient manner.

We operate two different service areas within the On Demand zone to keep journeys and wait times for our customers as short as possible.

Location of hubs


Location 1:  Northbound.
Bus Stop ID: 210115

Location 2:  Southbound.
Bus Stop ID: 210184

Elanora Heights

Location:  Elanora Heights Shops.
Street: Corner of Kalang Road and St Andrews Gate.
Bus Stop ID: Not a bus stop.


Location 1:  Northbound.
Bus Stop ID: 210120

Location 2:  Southbound.
Bus Stop ID: 210143

Location 3:  Warriewood Square.
Street: Jacksons Road
Bus Stop ID: 210228

Mona Vale

Location 1:  Northbound.
Bus Stop ID: 210323

Location 2:  Southbound.
Bus Stop ID: 2103106

Location 3:  Mona Vale Shops.
Street: Waratah Street, near the corner of Akuna Lane.
Bus Stop ID: 210364

Location 4:  Mona Vale Urgent Care Centre (previously Mona Vale hospital).
Street: Coronation Street.
Bus Stop ID: 210381


Location 1:  Newport shops Northbound.
Street: Barrenjoey Road before Robertson Road.
Bus Stop ID: 210615

Location 1:  Newport shops Southbound.
Street: Barrenjoey Road after Bramley Avenue.
Bus Stop ID: 210619


Location 1:  Avalon shops Northbound.
Street: Coles Express Service Station, Barrenjoey Road after Avalon Parade.
Bus Stop ID:  Not a bus stop

Location 1:  Avalon shops Southbound.
Street: Avalon Beach SLSC, Barrenjoey Road before Avalon Parade.
Bus Stop ID: 210728

Note: Northbound – towards Palm Beach, Southbound – towards CBD.

Two main service areas on the Northern Beaches

We operate two different service areas. This allows for our vehicles to complete short, distinct trips within the designated zone which keeps journey and wait times to a minimum.

Therefore, if you order a Keoride from nearby your home, it will take you to a selected hub within your zone. Likewise, if you order a Keoride from a selected hub or bus stop, you can nominate a drop-off location anywhere within the zone your journey commenced.

The service operates 7 days a week:

Monday to Wednesday6am – 10pm
Thursday and Friday6am – 11.30pm
Saturday7am – 11.30pm
Sunday7am – 9pm
Public Holidays7am – 9pm


Long strip of clean yellow sandy beach of Manly 2
Keoride Poncho Bus

There are two ways to pay for Keoride

Opal card

You can connect your Opal card to the Keoride service by setting up Transport Connect. This will allow for Keoride to deduct the cost of your Keoride travel from your Opal card – keeping all your public transport costs coming from one place.

By connecting your Opal card using Transport Connect, you can earn up to $2.00 in Transport Connect travel credits each time you transfer between On Demand and bus service (including B-Line).

Credit cards

You can add your payment method onto the Keoride app (all credit cards except American Express accepted). Alternatively, payments can also be made over the phone using a credit card.

The best way to book is through the Keoride app

Download the app by searching for ‘Keoride’ in your app store or clicking the icons below.

Give it a go by following these simple steps:

  1. Download the Keoride App from the App Store or Google Play to register or log in with your Transport Connect credentials.
  2. Move the pin or type in the address of your pick up location and where you want to be dropped off.
  3. Track your bus and head to the pick up location.

Alternatively, you can book via Phone with one of our friendly Keoride Supervisors on 1800 536 743.


Download the Keoride app today!