Years as a bus driver:

4 years

Previous work:

Retail and customer service

Why did you choose a career as a bus driver?

There is a backstory here. When I was a young girl I said to my mum that when I grew up I wanted to drive a big truck. And then I forgot about it for a few years! When my youngest child started high school, I decided to apply for a bus drivers’ job for flexible hours so that I could pick up the kids from school. I had been working in retail and customer liaison before this and so I had a customer service background.

What do you love most about being a bus driver?

I enjoy driving, this is the main reason why I applied for this job. I’m outdoors and not stuck inside and I’m out and about in the fresh air. If you enjoy driving then I’d definitely recommend applying for a job.

I have autonomy in my day-to-day work. I’m independent. it’s completely different to what I was doing in retail because I didn’t have autonomy and wasn’t able to make many decisions. Now it’s just me on the bus with my passengers, getting them from A to B. I enjoy the responsibility of making decisions and taking care of them.

I see beautiful views and even though I go to the same places every day, I still enjoy them. When I am on my break, I take pictures of Milsons Point and Cremorne Point and have hundreds of them.

How do you maintain your work-life balance?

I have set hours every day from Monday to Friday so I can plan what to do when I finish work. I have kids and a dog and need to be available to my family to do the shopping, get dinner ready and run the household. I also get the weekends off which are important to me.

How has your work helped you to improve the quality of your life?

I start at 4.30am and finish at 11.30am. This means I have the rest of the day to do what I want. My older kids who are at Uni might be home, or I might use the time for running errands. I like the early morning routine which I have been doing for a year now. I used to start at 9am but I prefer the earlier start now that I don’t have to do school pick up anymore.

My supervisors at Keolis Downer were flexible and they supported me to change my routine as my family commitments changed. I used to work part time but now I work more hours and start earlier. The business is also supporting me to do further professional development and I am in the middle of a Cert III in Business (Customer Engagement) to develop more skills.

Another great benefit of working at Keolis Downer is that they offer purchased leave so I can take more time off during the year if I need to. They also provide a Fitness Passport which gives us discounts at certain gyms. So I’m getting fitter too!

How does your work help you to help your community?

I do the same routes every day and I get to know my friendly regulars. I take them to their shopping destination and pick them up on the way back. I know their routines and I look out for them. They’re not driving so they rely on me for safe transport. When I don’t see them, I wonder if they’re ok. When I do see them again, we catch up on the bus and they tell me stories. We both enjoy the social connection and we’re both happier for it. I love it when they say “to my favourite bus driver” in the cards they give me. This little token of appreciation makes my job so much more special.

I have autonomy in my day-to-day work. I’m independent. It’s just me on the bus looking after my passengers, getting people where they need to go.

Autonomy, work-life balance and supportive team culture

Our bus drivers enjoy autonomy, work-life balance, a supportive team culture and social connection. With a potential to earn up to $90K (full-time average), we give you onsite training with a recognised qualification, so no experience is needed. You just have to love to drive!

Part-time, full-time, casual, and job share options are available. Other benefits include a FREE license upgrade, health and wellbeing programs including Fitness Passport for you and your family, staff rewards and discounts, and more. Start the journey toward a fulfilling and rewarding career today. You won’t look back.

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