Years as a bus driver:

6 years

Previous work:

Specialty language teacher

Why did you choose a career as a bus driver?

I was teaching Indonesian to primary and secondary school students as a specialty language teacher prior to becoming a bus driver. I shifted from Victoria to NSW in the middle of the year, and there weren’t many contract roles for teachers available.

So I was in between jobs, and a friend suggested giving bus driving a go because he was going to do the same. He didn’t get through, but I did! I guess it was meant to be.

What do you love most about being a bus driver?

I’m not stuck in the office in front of a screen. I’m out and about and the view from the office changes every day.

I’m outdoors every day and I get plenty of fresh air. Whether it rains or shines, I enjoy being out and about instead of being cooped up indoors. I like the wide-open spaces, and even with the same route, each day is different.

I also enjoy the social aspect of my work as a bus driver. On some routes I meet regular passengers. After a few months and even years I get to know them quite well. I know their routines and if I don’t see them at the bus stop, I’ll wait a few minutes to give them time, because they may be running late and I don’t want them to miss their bus. They really appreciate this and it makes them happy that I’ve taken the time to care about their travel, which also makes me feel good in return. You get many opportunities like this to help people get on with their day and make it better.

I used to work as a photographer some time back and I like observing people, communities, and nature. Being a bus driver gives me the opportunity to observe the world around me and I genuinely enjoy this part of my work.

How do you maintain your work-life balance?

I can totally shut off from work the moment I leave the depot. I don’t take anything with me. I do some preparatory work for my next shift but most of the time I switch off and focus on my family and my hobbies. My free time is totally free time.

I have a routine and I enjoy this routine and I have a good balance. I don’t need to rush to meetings and there is very little stress working as a bus driver. It’s one of the most relaxing jobs you can do.

How has your work helped you to improve the quality of your life?

I have more certainty and I can plan ahead, and I don’t have the stress of work nagging me in the background like I once did. So I am more relaxed and emotionally available to my family instead of wondering what’s going to happen the next time I show up to work.

There is a clear separation between work, family, interests, holidays, and social time with friends. This is a great benefit to me. At work I totally concentrate on work, and at home and other places I can be totally present there too.

How does your work help you to help your community?

Up here on the Northern Beaches, some of our routes go to aged care and retirement villages. These older passengers are not able to drive, and therefore they take the bus to get out and about. We provide a service for older people which takes them right into Warringah Mall, and back to their retirement village with a very short walk both ways. Most of these people have mobility aids. Our passengers tell us that our service is much better than a taxi because the bus has more space. They are able to freely move around more, and they can relax with their mobility or walking aid right next to them.

We always look out for people with a disability who have wheelchairs or mobility aids/equipment. There was an event recently where I helped a lady who had limited time to drop off a package at Australia Post in Warringah Mall. I took all the care to ensure she would get there on time, and that she was comfortable in the accessibility section of the bus with her package easily visible. I made sure she got off at the right spot and as near as possible to the Australia post office and she was very grateful. It’s a job where you can make a positive difference to people every day.

I’m not stuck in the office in front of a screen. I’m out and about and the view from the office changes every day!

Autonomy, work-life balance and supportive team culture

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