Years as a bus driver:

10 months

Previous work:

Supermarket Customer Service

What made you want to be a bus driver?

A friend recommended that I become a bus driver – I never thought that it could be a career option for me. So, I started to look into and thought, “I might try give this a go – why not!”.
First time I got behind the wheel I felt really comfortable and enjoyed driving the bus. I am now also on the waitlist to get my heavy rigid license as I really want to drive one of the B-Line double decker buses.
I’ve had a few customers come up to me and say, “Wow you’re a female driver – that is very cool! We need more female drivers.”

What did you do before becoming a bus driver?

Before I was a bus driver I was working at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets in all the departments – both customer service and on the floor.

What skills have you been able to transfer to your new role?

I brought my customer service skills with me into my new role as a bus driver as you are also dealing with the public and different sorts of people who often have questions – usually around which bus to catch and directions to somewhere.


What do you do outside of work?

I really enjoy eating out and travel a lot on public transport to meet friends and visit new restaurants. Now that my shifts have been fixed, I can plan my week around when I am working and organise dinner dates with friends to try out new food.
When you first start, you do need to try a variety of shifts, which really helps with experience and confidence to visit places you may not be as familiar with. After about 5-6 months, the depot will roster you onto a regular shift each fortnight, with the opportunity to do overtime if you want.

What support did you get through training and induction?

The training was intensive, and I was nervous, as I had never driven a bus before. It does take time to learn all the routes and the team at the depot taught me how to do school runs and tips and tricks to get to the start of your trip and how to navigate tight streets! Like any new skill, it takes time to learn and get better, and now I am a lot more confident.
KD also give new drivers a GPS companion to help them when they start. It provides a route map for the service they are doing on a tablet which can be referenced throughout the trip – it takes away the worry of whether you are heading in the right direction.
I find it satisfying to plan for the next day, check my left and rights for the routes I will be servicing, then completing my shift with the directions falling into place.

Do you work far from your home?

I come to work from Eastwood, and I find the work suits me as it is flexible, and I can fit in other parts of my life around work. I’m a single mum and can still arrange work around when I need to care for my son and then can work longer hours and earn penalty rates when my son is with his dad.

What kind of person makes a good bus driver?

The ideal person to be a bus driver would be someone who enjoys driving, being out in the community, has customer service skills and patience to get their passengers to their destination safely!
Passengers will often say thank you and show their appreciation for your service. There are definitely more good passengers than bad!.

Ever since I became a bus driver, I have developed more confidence in myself.

Autonomy, work-life balance and supportive team culture

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