Years as a bus driver:

3 years

Previous work:

Retail and customer service

Why did you choose a career as a bus driver?

I used to work as a retail store manager for five years and it was a typical retail job looking after stock and providing customer service. But if anyone called in sick, there was no extra staff, and I was run off my feet regularly with limited pay.

My brother had been driving buses for a long time. I didn’t understand the benefits or reasons he enjoyed it so much. He used to speak so highly of his work. Now I understand and I love it!

What do you love most about being a bus driver?

I love interacting with people, and I love answering their questions and enquiries. With my background in customer service and retail, I know how to deal with customer issues and complaints, and how to de-escalate rising problems.

I enjoy travel and showing people the city I live in, giving them directions on the best places to go to make the most of their time here. I was in NYC once and a bus driver gave me many tips on where to go and it made my time there so much better. I really appreciated it and I try to do the same, paying it forward.

I am grateful for the flexibility and the various schedules that are available. For example there are shifts in the morning, afternoons and in the evenings. And I appreciate the income that it provides because you can make as much money as you want, it’s up to you.

I live near the bus depot so I’m close to work. I often do a morning shift, have a break, go to the gym then I’m home for lunch. I’ll then do a later shift and I’m home by 5-6pm. It’s a perfect day for me.

How has this helped you improve your quality of life?

I am very grateful for the income and am so much more relaxed now. I can work more hours in a week if I need more money and I love the flexibility. I can simply ask “can I have an extra shift please?”

There are other staff benefits which can help with the purchase of a new car, or joining a gym and the aquatic centre to stay fit.

I am spending more time with my family now. Before bus driving, I had a 9-5 job and was too tired at the end of the day to enjoy my family. Now I often drop my kids off at school or pick them up and take them to the park. I am not worrying about money anymore and can provide whatever my family needs. I now can buy quality things for my children.

My health and lifestyle have improved. I am looking after myself better and I go to the gym almost every day thanks to my job. I’m fitter heathier and happier and my family are benefitting from this.

How does your work help you to help your community?

On one trip I had Brazilian passengers and they had no idea how to speak English. I had been trying to explain to them we were heading for the last stop at Palm Beach, but they didn’t understand. Eventually we arrived at Palm Beach when they managed to communicate to me that they wanted to go to Collaroy, several stops back. Palm Beach is beautiful and worth seeing so I encouraged them to explore and showed them some of the best parts as well as where they film Home and Away of course.

They needed transport back toward the city, so I made sure they got back on the right bus back to where they needed to go. These are often opportunities such as this to help people which makes my job rewarding. I hope I helped them think better about the whole country and that when they go home, they will tell all the family friends that we are good people here in Australia!

I think they will remember this for years to come. It’s the little things that make someone’s day. Driving a bus introduces you to so many different people from different lifestyles and different countries, and we can make a positive difference to them.

I am not worried about money anymore and can provide whatever my family needs. I now can buy quality things for my children.

Autonomy, work-life balance and supportive team culture

Our bus drivers enjoy autonomy, work-life balance, a supportive team culture and social connection. With a potential to earn up to $90K (full-time average), we give you onsite training with a recognised qualification, so no experience is needed. You just have to love to drive!

Part-time, full-time, casual, and job share options are available. Other benefits include a FREE license upgrade, health and wellbeing programs including Fitness Passport for you and your family, staff rewards and discounts, and more. Start the journey toward a fulfilling and rewarding career today. You won’t look back.

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